Texas Girl Coffee Poster Broncho Coffee Tin Crystalvac with Label H and H 1-pound Bags
Samples of wanted items

Most Wanted

  1. Texas Girl Coffee, Tin
  2. Texas Girl Coffee, 1 pound bag
  3. Broncho Coffee Pail
  4. Crystalvac Jar, Large, Clear Glass, Wire Handle, Embossed Lid, Paper Label
  5. Crystalvac Jar, Small, Three Rivers Amber Glass, Paper Label
  6. H and H Coffee, 1 pound/2 pound bag
  7. H and H Vanilla Extract
  8. H and H Brand Dutch Lunch Mustard
  9. H and H Cocoa
  10. Border Pail
  11. Three Rivers Glass Company Promotional Calendar, 1932
  12. In 1932, a replica Crystalvac Jar was built on the roof of the factory

To create a historical display for the Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee Company, we are collecting EVERYTHING we can find.

This includes:

  1. Advertising
  2. Products
  3. Photographs
  4. Books
  5. Newspapers
  6. Signs
  7. Postcards
  8. Factory Equipment
  9. Vehicles

Known Products

Many of these products are hard to find. Even pictures of them would be helpful for our online gallery.

  1. H and H Blend Coffee 1/2 pound Bag
  2. H and H Blend Coffee 1 pound Bag
  3. H and H Blend Coffee 1 pound Box
  4. H and H Blend Coffee 2.5 pound Tin
  5. H and H Blend Coffee 3 pound Tin
  6. H and H Coffee 1 pound Bag
  7. H and H Coffee 2 pound Regular Bag
  8. H and H Coffee 1 pound Tin
  9. H and H Coffee Crystalvac Amber Jar, 1 pound (quart)
  10. H and H Coffee Crystalvac Clear Jar, 1 pound (quart) and 3 pound (gallon)
  11. H and H Instant Coffee Powder, 2oz or 6oz
  12. H and H Spices 1oz Tin, Cinnamon
  13. H and H Spices 1.5oz Tin, Ginger
  14. H and H Tea, Orange/Pekoe, 4oz
  15. H and H Tea, Orange/Pekoe, 6oz
  16. H and H Tea, 6oz.
  17. H and H Extracts
  18. H and H Chili Powder
  19. H and H Brand Dutch Lunch Mustard
  20. H and H Ground Black Pepper
  21. H and H Vanilla Extract
  22. Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee Co postcard
  23. Anita Coffee
  24. Border Coffee 3 pound Tin
  25. Broncho Coffee 3 pound Tin
  26. Jav-o Coffee
  27. Juanita Coffee
  28. Master Chef Coffee 1 pound Tin
  29. Master Chef Coffee 2 pound Tin
  30. Master Chef Coffee Instant 2oz Jar
  31. Master Chef Coffee Instant 6oz Jar
  32. Menger Hotel Coffee 1 pound Tin
  33. Menger Peaberry Coffee 1 pound Tin
  34. Sam Houston Coffee 1 pound Tin
  35. Texas Girl Coffee 1 pound Tin
  36. Texas Girl Coffee 1 pound, Paper Bag
  37. Texas Girl Coffee 3 pound Bucket
  38. Texas Girl Coffee 1/2 pound Baby Package
  39. Texco Coffee
  40. Wesco Coffee

There are private labeled brands for hotels and clubs still to be found.

Books & Journals

To learn the history and find advertisements, H and H is mentioned here:

  1. Camp Travis and Its Part in the World War … January 1, 1919 E. B. Johns
  2. Chilton Hotel Supply Index, Volume 2, Issue 2 p112 - 1921
  3. All About Coffee by William H. Ukers (First Edition 1922, Second Edition 1935)
  4. Coffee and Tea Industries and the Flavor Field, Volume 79 - Spice Mill Publishing Company, 1956
  5. Greater San Antonio The City of Destiny and Your Destination
  6. Texas Glass: An Illustrated History of the Three Rivers Glass Company (1922 – 1937) by Michael Simmons-Smith
  7. Tea and Coffee Trade Journal Company, 1951
  8. Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, Volume 62 F.H. Hobbs & Company, 1932
  9. Thomas Food Industry Register, Volumes 1963-1966
  10. Downtown San Antonio (Images of America) Paperback – January 7, 2013 by Joan Marston Korte and David L. Peché

Newspapers / Clippings

To track the news, we found articles here:

  1. San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas), Vol. 46, No. 323, Ed. 1 Sunday, November 19, 1911 Page 10
  2. San Antonio Evening News (San Antonio, Texas) 15 Nov 1919 Page 6
  3. San Antonio Evening News (San Antonio, Texas) 27 Sep 1922 Page 27
  4. San Antonio Express News (San Antonio, Texas) 12 Jul 1964 Page 69
  1. H and H Bob White Whistle
  2. Three Rivers Glass Company Calendar, 1932
  3. Cory Improved Glass Coffee Brewer, 1936
  4. Aviation Coffee Tin from Tucker Coffee Co., San Antonio, Texas ~1920

Avoid Similarly Named

When looking at H&H items make sure they are from Hoffmann-Hayman, H and H, or H&H Coffee in San Antonio, Texas. We have found other similarly named products.

  1. Hoffmann’s - coffee and spices from John Hoffmann & Sons of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hoffmann's Old Time Coffee John Hoffmann Tins
  2. H & H Coffee - Harnit and Hewitt of Toledo, Ohio Harnit & Hewitt Coffee, One Pound Mocha Blend Tin - Toldeo Ohio
  3. H&H Coffee Company - Heitstuman & Heritage Inc, of Rathdrum, Idaho
  4. Hoffman Beverage Company - Virginia Beach, Virginia