There are many questions that remain about the Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee Company.

  1. What happened to H and H Coffee?
  2. Who was Mr. W. E. Hayman?
  3. What did their coffee taste like?
  4. Where did they get their green coffee beans?
  5. What is the complete list of brands they produced?
  6. What brands were from William R. Hoffman, Merchants, and Morrison Coffee Companies before they merged?
  7. Who did they sell coffee to?
  8. What were the patents they were awarded for?
  9. Was there a warehouse fire in the 30’s so the new building was needed?
  10. Who else collects H and H memorabilia? Who has the greatest collection?
  11. What did the inside of the factory look like?
  12. Who designed and built the factory?
  13. Who worked at the factory?
  14. Why did the factory require steel i-beam repairs on the first floor?
  15. What was on the factory roof that required the extra roof support?
  16. Where are the original factory machines?
  17. Where are the delivery vehicles?
  18. Was there a factory in Houston, Texas? Where was it? When did it operate?
  19. Which items did Three Rivers Glass factory produce?
  20. Which items did the Owens-Illinois Glass Company produce?


  1. Who designed and built the factory? It was designed by Morris, Nooman, and Wilson, architects and engineers. Construction was done by George W. Mitchell, a family-owned company operating in San Antonio since 1921.