The Hoffmann Coffee Company of San Antonio, Texas was founded by William Robert Hoffmann in 1899. Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee begins in 1912 when Hoffmann merges with Merchants Coffee and partners with Mr. W. E. Hayman, its founder.

Mr. Hoffmann was married to Wilhelmina “Minnie” Menger. Minnie was the daughter of Dr. Rudolph and Catherine Menger. Catherine was the daughter of William L. Menger, owner of the Menger Hotel. When Mr. Hoffmann passed away in 1912, Minnie brought her brothers, Gustav P. Menger and Rudolph W. Menger, into the coffee business.

In 1920 the remaining partner, Mr. Hayman, sold his stake in the company to the Mengers. The company continued to expand and their new factory was constructed in 1932.

Since books haven’t been written about Hoffmann-Hayman yet, this history is being pieced together from newspapers, industry journals, and other sources.


Company Founded

William R. Hoffmann starts a coffee company in San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio Evening News (San Antonio, Texas) 27 September 1922 • Page 27

1911 January 15

Hoffmann Baby Dies

William R. Hoffmann Jr. is born December 11, 1910. He is buried January 15, 1911, less than a month old.


1912 January 10

William Robert Hoffmann dies

Born in Germany on October 25, 1878. Hoffmann is 34 years old when he dies.

Ancestry.com CemetariesofTX.com

1912 October 4

William R Hoffmann Coffee Consolidates

William R Hoffmann Coffee merges with Merchants Coffee owned by Mr. W. E. Hayman. The new company is named the Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee Company. Mr. Hayman serves as president. Mrs. Hoffmann is Vice-President and her brother Gus P. Menger, secretary.

San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) 4 October 1925 • page 74

1912 November 15

Coffee Companies merge and move

Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee moves from a back room on West Commerce to the Caffarelli building at Medina and Travis (307 N Medina, San Antonio). The building was originally constructed for Caffarelli Bros. Wholesale Grocery House by Architect Alfred Giles.

San Antonio Evening News (San Antonio, Texas) 15 November 1919 • Page 6

1914 November

Large Order for Coffee for Fort Sam Houston

Delivery of the biggest order ever given for San Antonio Texas coffee was made recently to Fort Sam Houston. A carload lot in bulk was purchased by the commissary department from the Morrison Coffee Co and eight two-horse wagons were required to transport the big order to the post.

Coffee and Tea Industries and the Flavor Field, Volume 37 - Simmon’s Spice Mill, November 1914 page 1154


Texas Department of Transportation Formed

When the Texas Department of Transportation, often referred to as TxDOT, was formed there were almost two hundred thousand automobiles and trucks in the state. San Antonio became the headquarters of one of the original six road department divisions in Texas.

Texas Transportation Museum

1917 March

Hoffmann-Hayman Buys Morrison Coffee Co.

H and H moves them to the 307 N Medina location.

Simmon’s Spice Mill: Devoted to the Interests of the …, Volume 40, Part 1 • Page 291

1920 January

Mr. Hayman sells to Mengers

Mr. Hayman sells his portion of the coffee company to the Menger Brothers. G.P. Menger becomes President. R.W. Menger becomes Secretary/Treasurer. Mrs. William J. Schlosser (Minnie Menger) remains Vice-President.

San Antonio Evening News (San Antonio, Texas) 27 September 1922 • Page 27


Hoffmann-Hayman Moves to Burnet Street

In an article covering the construction of the new plant, it is stated that the company has been located at 331 Burnet Street for 10 years.

San Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) 29 July 1932

1922 May

Three Rivers Glass Company Incorporates

Three Rivers, Texas. James Kapp is named the first president of the Three Rivers Glass Company, Charles Tips secretary and treasurer and H. L. Warrick general manager of the operation. They later produce clear and amber Crystalvac jars for H & H Coffee.

TEXAS GLASS: An Illustrated History of The Three Rivers Glass Company 1922 - 1937 by Michael David Smith • Page 7

1922 October 24

US Government awards a patent to H and H

Patent is No.160778

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office, Volume 303

1929 October 29

Stock Market Crashes

Black Thursday start the Great Depression

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H and H Warehouse Fire

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Factory Constructed on Delaware St

A rectangular concrete structure was erected at 601 Delaware St. The location takes advantage of easy access to the railroad tracks.

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1932 June 10

H and H Has New Container

Article describes the new Crystalvac jar and vacuum process.

San Antonio Register (San Antonio, Texas) 10 June 1932 • Page 3

1932 July 1

Hoffman-Hayman Coffee signs agreement to use railroad spur

H and H is allowed to use the railroad constructed, maintained, and operated by the Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antionio Railway, that is leased by the Texas and New Orleans Railroad Company.

County Clerk’s Office, Bexar County, Texas

1932 December 21, Wednesday

The Southwest’s Finest Plant to Roast the Coffee You Praise

An Open House is held at the big, new, modern coffee roasting plant with refreshments and live music for the public. A broadcast on WOAI starts at 8pm.

San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) 20 December 1932 • Page 7-A

1933 November 27

New Item Added to H & H Company’s Wide Spice Line

Dutch Lunch Mustard is added to the spice products.

San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas) 27 November 1933 • Page 7

1934 June 10

Sam Houston Brand of H and H Coffee Has Big Demand in S.W. Texas

Article describes that Sam Houston, H and H, and Texas Girl Crystalvac jars are poplar with housewives since the wide-mouthed jars can be re-used for canning fruits and vegtables. The jars are designed to fit Kerr and Mason-Ball lids.

San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas) 10 Sept 1934 • Page 7


Three Rivers Glass Co Acquired

The Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company of Muncie, Indiana acquires Three Rivers. They operate the factory for another 10 years before shutting it down.

Ball.com History Poster

1939 September 1

World War II Starts

A global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, although related conflicts began earlier. It involved the vast majority of the world’s nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances - the Allies and the Axis. The conflict lasted six years, ending on September 2, 1945.



Mi Tierra Restaurant Opens

Pedro Cortez buys the Toyo Cafe in Market Square and renames it “Mi Tierra” (My Land) in 1941.


Second Floor Addition to H & H Factory

At the front of the second story, the existing three windows facing south to Delaware are removed. The openings are filled with brick and new walls are added on top of the original roof’s parapet, enclosing the new space into a room. Based on the penciled notes written on the walls, the area was used to store inventory of some kind.


H & H Factory Expanded on Delaware St

A 2-story wing at the north end of the property is added at 601 Delaware St.


Mrs. William J. Schlosser Dies

Honduras Woman vice president of Texas coffee firm dead at 76; a founder of Hoffmann-Hayman Coffee Co. Mrs. Wilhelmina (Minnie) Schlosser, inactive vice president of the Hoffman-Hayman Coffee Co., San Antonio, Texas, died recently at the age of …

Coffee and Tea Industries and the Flavor Field, Volume 79 - Spice Mill Publishing Company, 1956

1959 June 25

H & H Supplies Coffee to San Antonio Jail

An ordinance 27,684 accepting proposal and creating contract with Hoffman-Hayman Coffee Company to furnish the City of San Antonio Jail with all requirements of coffee for period beginning August 1, 1959 and terminating July 31, 1960 full text in Ordinance Book 1.1. page 245)

Regular Meeting of The City Council of The City of San Antonio on Thursday, June 25, 1959 At 8:30 a.m.

1963 February 21

Dr William J. Schlosser Dies

Born on August 12, 1875 in Kentucky, Dr William J. Schlosser passes away on Feb. 21, 1963 in San Antonio.


1964 July 12

Continental Coffee claims H & H Coffee as a division

An advertisement congratulates the Santa Rosa Medical Center for choosing H & H Coffee. Underneath in small text it reads “A Division of the Continental Coffee Co”.


San Antonio Express(San Antonio, Texas)12 July 1964 Page 69

1967 April 3

Continental Coffee operates at Hoffmann-Hayman Warehouse Co

County Clerk’s Office, Bexar County, Texas

1970 July 11

Continental Coffee runs a job listing

The listing shows 601 Delaware property as the location.


Express and News (San Antonio, Texas) 11 July 1970 • Page 37

1972 March 28

601 Delaware property lists for sale

Detail needed

San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas) 28 March 1972 • Page 27

1972 August 29

Hoffmann-Hayman Warehouse Co at 601 Delaware sells

G. P. Menger, President signs contract with Kenneth L. Wagner

County Clerk’s Office, Bexar County, Texas

1973 May 26

Three Rivers Glass Company is Commemorated with a Historical Marker

The Texas Historical Commission erects a marker at the site of the Three Rivers Glass Company factory, commemorating it as the first glass manufacturer in Texas.

Texas Glass by Micheal David Smith page 31

1975 March 6

Cars list for sale at 601 Delaware

Kenneth L. Wagner, president of B&W Service Co, uses property as a toy warehouse. They distribute for World Toy House of St. Paul, Minnesota.

San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas) 6 March 1975 • Page 45


Ball Corporation Exits the Glass Business

The Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, renamed Ball Corporation in 1969, sells its remaining interest in glass to Group Saint Gobain. They focus on metal packaging products and aerospace technology.

Ball.com History Poster

2017 April 28-29

Three Rivers Glass and Bottle Show

To mark the 80th anniversary of Three Rivers Glass Company’s closing, a glass show is held at…